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Business Introduction

We are undertaking the nuclear service business, such as domestic and overseas waste water treatment and reuse.

Our environmental division concentrates on domestic / overseas sewage / waste water treatment, wastewater reuse, nuclear power services such as chemical cleaning and cleaning liquid waste treatment.

Wastewater treatment division performs domestics / overseas sewage treatment and various industrial wastewater treatment and wastewater reuse projects, and optimizes the water treatment system based on exact diagnosis of sewages / wastewater. Huvis Water performs wastewater reuse projects based on a know-how regarding design/construction/operation of water treatment system in power plants and semi-conductor production factories accumulated for years.

By introducing the chemical cleaning technology of EPRI / SGOG proved world wide in 2007, the nuclear power service division has successfully applied it to about 10 cases of domestic nuclear power plants so far. It developed the system to treat liquid waste creating from chemical cleaning in 2010 and participates in a chemical cleaning waste treatment project accordingly and also conducts various nuclear power projects like desalination.

Like this, contributing to environment preservation by using a sewage / waste-water reuse project and contributing to safety operation of nuclear power plant by using a steam generator cleaning project, the environmental service division will direct its continuous efforts for eco-friendly green services.