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Huvis Water, who opens the infinite possibilities of water


The infinite possibilities of water, Huvis Water opens it up.
We will contribute to a more convenient and abundant life for mankind.

Founded in 1959, Huvis Water is proud of its role as the pioneer in the water treatment and wastewater treatment fields. Huvis Water has achieved remarkable technological development thanks to accumulated organization experience and technological know-how through decades of continuous efforts and has successfully carried out projects by applying new technologies.

Since changing its name to Huvis Water in 2014, we have been building new future engines through research and investment in new business areas.
Huvis Water is not satisfied with being the leader in the water treatment technology and wastewater treatment technology fields, and we will make a more convenient and abundant world by developing new technology and nurturing human resources.

Company Outline
Company Name Date of Establishment Go History CEO Go CEO Message
Huvis Water February 12, 1959 Shin, In-yool
Catalog No. of Employees Business Areas Go Business Areas
230 (As of 2016)
  • 01Manufacturing water processing
  • 02Wastewater treatment
  • 03Plant facility export
  • 04Technical service
Facilities Go Facilities External auditor
  • Domestic : Seoul Office, Ansan Office, Siheung R&D Center
  • Overseas : Vietnam Office

Ernst & Young Hanyoung Corp
(2014.05.19 Resolution of the Board of Directors)