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Condensate Polishing System


Condensate Polishing System

Maintains steam generator (SG) reliability, allows operation even with condenser leakage, supplies protection from turbine deposition and corrosion, and reduces start-up time after a plant trip or refueling. Overall plant economy and efficiency is greatly improved by the condensate polishing system.

Condensate Service to CPU

PreFilter removes corrosion products such as crud, debris, total iron and other contaminants in the condensate. Huvis Water can provide several type of filter such as precoat filter and membrane filter.
Cation Bed Polisher mainly removes ammonium ions from untreated condensate and other cations along with such dissolved solids as Crud, debris, total iron, etc.
Mixed Bed Polisher the cation resin removes a small quantity of residual cation species from the partially treated condensate and anion resin removes anions such as sulfate and chloride radical.

Optimized Custom Design

The codensate polishing system consists of specially designed pre-filter or cation bed polisher, mixed bed polisher, regeneration system, monitoring and control system.

  • - Mixed bed polisher only or pre-filter followed by mixed bed polisher : the most commonly used system at low condensate pH levels.
  • - Cation bed polisher followed by mixed bed polisher : to minimize transient impurities at high Condensate pH levels.

Regeneration System

IMR Process : Huvis Water Patented External Regeneration Systems
Huvis Water has technical expertise in the field of condensate polishing and has developed
a special regeneration method called the ‘IMR Process’.

The IMR Process is the process of using intermediate resin (IMR) layer between cation resin and
anion resin layers whenever mixed resin is separated in the RS/CRT.
The ‘IMR Process’ is the best way to ensure perfect resin separation between cation and anion resins.