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Business Introduction

Huvis Water currently supplies a couple of demineralization system, that is, the conventional ion exchanger and the MRM system, depending on the customer specifications and the operational environment of the site. Equipped with its decades of experience and state-of-the-art technologies, Huvis Water is more than competent to design and construct the most cost-effective and optimal system that faithfully delivers the customer specifications.

MRM® Process

Huvis Water's MRM is an innovative ultrapure water preparation system that makes use of the membrane process. The MRM consists of three distinct mem-brane processes in order, that is, UF for the pretreatment process, RO for the desalination process, and MD for polishing water. The MRM system guarantees an economical and reliable supply of ultrapure water.


  • 01Cost-effectiveness : Lower operation and maintenance cost.
  • 02Easy installation : User-specific, site-specific system configuration and installation fully or partially shop assembled on skids or containers to minimize site work.
  • 03Reliable Supply of Consistent - quality Water : No interruption for resin regeneration and consistent and predictable product water quality.
  • 04Minimal Space requirement : Due to its compact design and shop assembly on skids or containers, installation area is minimized.