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Seawater Desalination System


Business Introduction

Include thermal evaporation, distillation and reverse osmosis(RO) technology. Supported by recent technological developments, economic and easy to use reverse osmosis is receiving the primary focus.

Huvis Water has wide knowledge, know-how and experience in membrane technologies over the last few decades. RO can be applied to many areas including seawater desalination, demineralization systems and sewage and wastewater reuse facilities. Based on this technological capability, Huvis Water has entered the seawater desalination market and has provided seawater desalination facilities both locally and internationally.

We Offer the Optimal Solution

  • Environmental impact review

    Huvis Water selects the most eco-friendly system taking into account the surrounding environment when selecting the method for RO system brine discharge.

  • The best suited pretreatment solutions

    The RO operation is sensitive to raw water conditions and the importance of the pretreatment facility is emphasized accordingly.
    Huvis Water designs and supplies the most appropriate pre-treatment facility for the raw water conditions.

  • Optimization of RO system design

    Huvis Water designs the optimal RO facility.

  • Recovery rate review

    • - Selection of the most suitable membrane.
    • - Design of the most cost effective energy saving system with combination of high pressure pumps and energy recovery devices(ERD).
    • - Application of variable freguency drivers (VFD) forminimization of power Consumption.
    • - Pilottest Service.
  • Portable RO System

    Huvis Water provides a portable RO seawater desalination system mounted in a container without limitation of area or capacity.

    • - Skid and/or container-mounted desalination system.
    • - Solutions for isolated areas and temporary needs.
    • - Operation is easy and a remote monitoring system can be applied for the rapid handling of problems.