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Wastewater Reclamation and Reuse System

Wastewater Reclamation and Reuse System

The increase in population, expansion of industries, and climatic change all have contributed to the gradual depletion of usable Water. Consequently, it is required to regenerate the terminal discharge from the industrial wastewater treatment or the sewage treatment facilities.

Huvis Water's wastewater reclamation and reuse system employs the most up to-date membrane technology to regenerate the terminal discharge into high-quality industrial and household water, with the dual aim of helping to alleviate the global water shortage and to reduce the pollution rate of the environments, natural or man-made.

Especially, the construction of a system with no wastewater discharge is possible when the regenerated water is used as the industrial process water. Huvis Water supplies an optimal system designed to cater to the customer's quality and quantity specifications.

Facility configuration

  • Pretreatment

    The UF/MF membrane system produces high quality water by filtering out particles and solids suspended in wastewater.
    It is applied to pretreatment systems for wastewater reuse systems.

  • Reverse Osmosis (RO)

    The RO system eliminates the high-concentration of TDS and dissolved organics remaining in water, thereby generating
    high-quality water.

Huvis Water's optimal design takes into meticulous consideration appropriate chemical injections to enhance the durability and performance of the entire system as well as the stability control of the operational components.


  • - Continuous and homogeneous product water quality
  • - No need for additional wastewater treatment equipment
  • - Easy repair and operation
  • - Remarkable reduction in cleaning chemicals


  • - Recycling the discharge from industrial wastewater treatment plants
  • - Recycling the discharge from sewage treatment plants
  • - Installation of other systems to respond to customers' requests