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Wastewater Treatment System

Wastewater Treatment System

With diverse combination of unit processes such as a coagulation-clarification / floatation, biological treatment, media filtration, adsorption, membrane filtration, oxidation, reduction and sludge treatment taking into account wastewater quality and surroundings. Huvis Water keeps up with changes in technology and gives every effort to satisfy customers by presenting the best solutions with proven state-of-the-art technology.


  • - Install membrane on an aeration tank or the exterior
  • - Guarantee of excellent water treatment performance under 1 NTU
  • - Applied to various biological treatment processes such as standard activated sludge and advanced treatment
  • - Reuse after simple treatment such as disinfection

MBR Advantages

  • - High processing efficiency and securing stable water quality
  • - Minimization of installation site through facility intensification
  • - High concentration MLSS (8,000 ~ 15,000mg/L) improves treatment efficiency and minimizes sludge generation
  • - Minimization of maintenance through automatic and interlocking operation

Maximization of applicability due to dualization of the MBR module

  • Submersible MBR Process

    • - Simple, compact, expandable, designed as a block assembly
    • - Aesthetically pleasing appearance after assembly
    • - Minimal air loss and excellent cleaning performance with air nozzle installation inside the lower portion of the element
  • Outside-Circulation MBR Process

    • - Easy to set up due to a Compact housing equipped with air diffusers
    • - Clean operating environment using a housing and easier access
    • - Easy periodic and intermittent backwashing, and cleaning
    • - Advantageous for a small area or sites with extension difficulties
  • Applications

    • - MBR process can be applied to various wastewater
    • - Such as sewage, industrial wastewater
    • - Livestock Wastewater and etc